Holiday Traditions: Hawaii Christmas Tree Farm

I love Christmas. It is my absolute favorite holiday. Christmas music, festive displays and most importantly holiday traditions. One of these traditions is getting a Christmas tree. Some people head down to the basement to unpack their stored synthetic spruce, other’s head to Home Depot to pick out a prime 6ft Balsam Fir. We always opt for the real deal, and have gotten trees at both Home Depot-like locations as well as tree farms. My preference, if possible, is to head to a Christmas Tree Farm and in our case, a Hawaii Christmas Tree Farm.


Living in Hawaii presents the interesting challenge of getting a fresh tree. Trees usually arrive here by ship in the middle of November. So one can imagine when they were actually cut down. Once they arrive, they often start to lose their needles as soon as you put them up. Since I love having a real tree but would like one that doesn’t look like death before Christmas, we head to the one local Christmas tree farm on Oahu. Helemano Farms.

Hawaii Christmas Tree Farm  Hawaii Christmas Tree Farm

I love that Hawaii has a Christmas Tree Farm. It feels like so much more of an experience to go to a farm verses heading to a store to pick out a tree. Helemano Farms has a few different types of trees but we have only opted for the Norfork Pine. Now the Norfork doesn’t look quite like the traditional tree. They have other pines that do, but they are typically too small for our taste. The Norfolk has long branches that are fairly spaced out. One might say it looks kinda like a large Charlie Brown tree. It’s got some character.

Another really cool thing about the Norfolk Pine, is that it’s sustainable. They actually just cut the top part of the tree and the rest of the tree is allowed to regrow. Pretty cool. I get a real tree, which I am not killing to enjoy. Once you get there you are greeted by someone to take you out into the woods to select your tree. They have some precut options but it’s fun to be able to hunt down the perfect tree with the kids. You select your tree and they cut, carry and package it up for you.

Hawaii Christmas Tree Farm Cutting Tree  Hawaii Christmas Tree Farm Cutting Tree Carry

The property is beautiful and even though it’s typically in the high 70s when we go, you definitely get in the holiday spirit when surrounded by the lust green forest. The cost for a Norfolk Pine is less than the Home Depot imported tree. So you get a fresh tree, for less money, that will last longer and is good for the environment. Win, Win, Win.

What are some of your holiday traditions?


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