Westside Wandering: Pokai Bay and Coquitos

Pokai Bay Waianae Pizza Float

My favorite way to beach is to beach n’ lunch. No matter where on the island we decide to venture, its almost always a packaged trip. Beach (or hike or whatever activity) of choice paired with somewhere fantastic to eat in the same general area. We’ll have a light breakfast and try to head out early to avoid any sort of weekend traffic.

My sister was visiting from Boston last week and I knew I wanted to take her out to one of our favorite beach n’ lunch spots on the westside of the island. If you are looking to float around on a ridiculous floatie in calm lagoon water and stuff your face with some fantastic Puerto Rican food, this matchup is for you.

First stop, Pokai Bay.

Pokai Bay Waianae

A protected lagoon, Pokai Bay is ideal for swimming, SUP and young keiki. The water is warm and the sand is soft. It doesn’t get too crowded and the view is amazing. Enjoy the pristine water and you might just find yourself swimming with a pod of dolphins.

awesome pizza floatie

(Don’t forget your ridiculous floatie)

After spending a couple of hours on the beach its time to eat. A few blocks away from the bay is an amazing little restaurant called Coquitos. The place is pretty small and easy to miss so keep a look out on your left. It is truly adorable.

Coquitos Waianae

I highly recommend getting the shrimp mofongo, but everything on the menu is delish! My husband (who is Puerto Rican) and my mother-in-law both say this is the real deal as in authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. They make the type of food you fantasize about after you eat it. Make sure to get a side of sweet plantains and the tembleque for dessert.

Coquitos Waianae Shrimp Mofongo

Coquitos Waianae Sign

So there you go, a half-day adventure out to the westside of Oahu. Bring your favorite silly floatie and relax in the calm, blue lagoon surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Enjoy the chillness of Coquitos and fall in love with some authentic Puerto Rican grinds. No matter where you are on the island, this is worth the trip.

Directions Pokai Bay

Directions Coquitos

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  1. SO beautiful – I need to visit here! My favorite beach-‘n’-lunch combo is a beach picnic. Just light stuff so you don’t feel bloated, but enough that you can swim for hours without feeling hungry!

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