She’s Crafty: Hula Girl Easter Eggs

We decided to decorate our Easter eggs a little differently this year. Instead of the traditional Paas dye kit (which come in crazy variety nowadays) we decided to try decorating some “craft” eggs that I came across at Walmart. If we liked what we created, we would be able to save them to put out for future Easters. And to keep with our love of tropical everything, we thought that hula girl easter eggs made sense. It ended up being both easy and complicated. The key to success, as with many things, patience.

Hula Girl Easter Eggs

Let me first start with an overview of what you need. It’s not much and there are so many ways you could go with these. It’s just a matter of picking a theme. I was able to get everything at Walmart and I am sure Target or another similar store would have these items as well.

Hula Girl Eggs Supplies

First you want to do your cutting. It’s a bit tedious when dealing with tissue paper but just take your time. You want to try and cut out all the pieces you need before dealing with the application process. It’s just easier than going back and forth.

Hula Girl Easter Eggs Cutting Paper

Once you have your tissue pieces cut out you want to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to an area on an egg. Next you carefully apply a tissue cutout and gently tap it in place. Now you can paint on more Mod Podge to secure the tissue. Again, thin layers. There will be some wrinkling of the tissue, but you can gently smooth them out with your fingers and nails.

Hula Girl Easter Eggs Applying Tissue

Work your way around the egg, placing different tissue pieces. Smooth out as much as possible and then place the egg somewhere to dry. We just used the cardboard carton they came in. And thats it! It definitely takes some patience to get these looking nice. I helped my girls with the “smoothing” process. I kinda love them! What do you think of these hula girl Easter eggs? How do you decorate your Easter eggs?

Hula Girl Easter Eggs

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