Halloween Finds: Pirates & Spooky Home Decor

Halloween Finds: Pirates & Spooky Home Decor

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I am please to report that I’m actually somewhat on top of Halloween this year. The fact that we have a Halloween Party to go to on the 21st has certainly helped put the fire under my butt to get things done. The husband and I have decided to dress as pirates this year and I’ve found some great Halloween finds on Amazon.

So pirates. I know, I know not the most original but come on, it’s a classic costume choice!  And it’s hard getting the Mr. to dress up sooooo, I’ll take what I can get! I prefer to put together costumes from different items I find verses a prepackaged ensemble. The items tend to be of better quality and you can usually repurpose pieces for other costumes in the future. Check it out.

Halloween Finds: Pirate Costume Items on Amazon

  1. Octopus Ring
  2. Corset
  3. Octopus Necklace
  4. Wrist Wrap
  5. Men’s Shirt
  6. Pirate Medallion
  7. Pirate Hat
  8. Pirate Gun
  9. Pirate Pants

Not only did I find some great costume pieces on Amazon this year, I also found some awesome home decor picks! I tend to gravitate more towards the creepy verses the cute stuff. I love these picks, especially the Pumpkin Vine Arms and Legs, how cool are they?!

Halloween Finds: Home Decor on Amazon

  1. Wine Bottle Labels
  2. Decorative Skull
  3. Creepy Doll
  4. Skeleton Bird
  5. Salt & Pepper Skeleton
  6. Pumpkin Vine Arms & Legs

What do you think of these Halloween finds? Are you ready for Halloween? What are your plans?  I would love to hear all the creative costume ideas you guys have in the comments. Aloha!

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Halloween Finds: Pirates & Spooky Home Décor


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  1. Although I’m not to sure about some of the decorations, particularly that last pumpkin that might be a little scarf for my toddlers, I love the costume – buying pieces from different places was a great idea, it looks like it will be awesome! 🙂

    Hope you had a fun party.

  2. That’s so interesting! Carving a pineapple rather than a pumpkin. That’s such a clever idea. And honestly, it looks a lot scarier than a pumpkin! Also, I’m loving the pirate gear!

    1. Lol, things often don’t go as I plan either, just gotta improvise and pretend that was your plan all along!

  3. Love making my own costume! I totally agree that you cna find better quality stuff that buying pre-assembled costumes. Love all your finds!

  4. I freakin’ love Halloween, but I always feel like I’m hurry to put something together last minute. I have a Halloween makeup tutorial blog post going up next week, but besides that, I have nothing planned, hahaha. I always want to decorate, but never get around to it. I’m obsessed with that pumpkin, though! What a spooky find!

  5. I love the wine labels! They add the perfect small halloween touch to any home! And good for you for figuring out your costume. I still have no idea what I am going to be.

  6. I LOVE decorating for Halloween and those spooky wine finds are a great addition to my Halloween “decor”. I could definitely use a glass of wine while passing out candy for hours on end! And I love that you’re doing pirates this year – classic and super cute 🙂


  7. Wow these are gorgeous here, I don’t decorate for Halloween but I sure won’t mind buying these recommendations you have here. Those wines looks great.

      1. Hey, I love Pineapples! We don’t really have any in Texas, but I decorate with them anyway. I have a mix of Chili Peppers, Flamingos, and Pineapple, lol. I’m actually using my pineapple pillow right now as an arm rest.

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