End of the Month: July Favorite Finds

Target tee, RVCA shorts and Sloane Ranger Wallet

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July has been a hot summer month, even here on Oahu! With hotness in mind I thought I would give a little recap of some hot little items I acquired during the month. Here are three July favorite finds I snagged and some other fun pieces.

Sassy Tees

When I’m not designing my own I am often out purchasing tees that I wish I had designed. I saw this one at Target and could not leave without it. Seriously, a 90s Snoop Dog reference, not gonna pass that up!


You like? Check out these other cute options.

avo-toast  weekend-warrior  chips-salsa

Tropical Accessories

My wallet was getting gross. I had a Sloane Ranger Wallet from years ago that for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to replace. There was something comforting in that basic canvas design, the way it fit in my hand. But, it was seriously falling apart. I thought about getting something a bit fancier but after a bit of a search I couldn’t really find anything I liked better. So I decided to just look for a new one. I’m so glad I did because I found this banana leaf one that fits my style perfectly! I just can’t shake those tropical vibes!


Want more?



Denim Love

I also bought a new pair of denim shorts this month. I pretty much wear the shit out of my shorts here on the island and when I find a comfy pair its hard to get me outta them. This was a random purchase but totally overdue. These shorts. Ugh, so comfortable! I love the white stone wash and now that I see the other colors, um yes!


You know you like ’em. How about these?



So there you go, my July favorite finds. I pretty much wear and use things until they fall apart. Maybe I love them a little too hard? I know these three pieces will get their fair share of my love. Do you have certain pieces you wear out? Share them in the comments! Aloha.

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End of the Month: July Favorite Finds


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  1. I love the gym and juice shirt!! I just need a men’s version for my fiancé hahaa! Those cutoff shorts are great for summer too.
    Cheers, Sarah Camille // SCsScoop.com

  2. I love everything you found this month! I especially love those shorts and the palm wallet! I’m heading back home to Maui next month, so this inspired me to get some more island-y clothes!

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