Splurge or Save: Fall 2016 Bags

Ever fall in love with a bag only to find out that it will cost you a whole month’s rent to buy it? I am always on the hunt to find a good deal and get super excited when I am able to find comparable designer style at a great price. I mean really, who wouldn’t. As I was poking around, checking out what’s on-trend for bags for Fall 2016, I decided to play a little matchmaker and create a splurge or save post.


Here I am featuring two designer bags and two more budget-friendly options. I think they are pretty comparable as far as style and if you are on a budget (like I am) then you can definitely appreciate the comparison.

On the top left we have a Chloé Hudson Crossbody priced at $1,929.00. A cute bag for sure but for almost $2,000.00, it’s a bit steep. Then there’s the option on the top right. This is a comparable crossbody by Lucky Brand for under $90.00. Which do you prefer?

Then we have a Saint Laurent Bucket Bag for $1,990.00. Adorable, but is it that much better then the Gabriella Rocha version on the right? For a fraction of the price.

What do you think? Which are your favorites? Check out some more Fall 2016 favs below. (affiliate links present)

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