Pastels are Out, it’s a Tropical Easter

My most vivid memories of Easter are from the 80s when my mom would dress up me and my two sisters in coordinating Easter outfits, complete with hats and little purses. Flowers, light girlie tones, lacy bibs, it was the beginning of spring, a time of pastel colors and creepy bunny costumes.

Well although the creepy bunny costumes endure, this year I am ditching the pastels of the past in exchange for some fresh, tropical vibes. Check out the Tropical Easter look I put together. Browns, greens and copper tones pull this combo into a different realm of Sunday cool.

Tropical Easter


Summer top
$17 –

Midi skirt
$45 –

Aquazzura brown sandals
$705 –

Rocio brown purse
$1,020 –

Links of London chunky jewelry
$740 –

Rose gold jewelry

Ariel Gordon rose gold jewelry
$160 –

Bobbi brown cosmetic
$54 –

Lip treatment

Essie nail polish

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  1. I know right! I need to pay more attention to the actual price of items in my layouts, this was more just inspiration. I am in love with the skirt as well. thanks for taking a peek!

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