My Midweek Playlist: An Eclectic Mix

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I don’t know about you guys but my taste is music casts a pretty large net. Some days I’m into trending pop, other days 90’s ska, and on the rare occasion (ok not so rare) I may enjoy a bit of classic rock. It really all depends on my mood.

I’ve recently found myself in a good groove lately and thought I would share an eclectic mix of 10 songs that you might not have on your playlist. Some are more mainstream than others, some are most definitely nostalgic. Let me know what you think? What songs would you add to my mix?

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Right on Target: Bohemian Vibes

Target Finds: Bohemian Vibes

Today’s Right on Target post has me all riled up. I love me some bohemian style and Target seems to have done it again with some really cute pieces. Be careful next time you head over because you will be leaving with some unexpected but amazing finds. From patterned sandals to tasseled clutches your festival look is easy to put together. Check out some of my favs below. (contains affiliate links)

Right on Target: Bohemian Vibes

  1. Women’s Layered Necklace with Tassel – Worn Gold/Jet – $9.98 *ON SALE
  2. Women’s Round metal Sunglasses – Nude/Gold – $16.99
  3. Women’s Clutch Handbag with Zip Closure – $12.48 * ON SALE
  4. Women’s Lina Slide Sandals – Mossimo Supply Co.™ – $15.99
  5. Women’s Ring Three pk with Matrix Stone and Textured Casting-Rhodium, Silver – $9.99
  6. Women’s Clutch with Tassels – Merona™ – $14.99
  7. Women’s Fashion Statement Necklace with Tassels – Gold/Orange – $19.99
  8. SUGARFIX by BaubleBar™ Bangle Bracelet – $12.99

What do you think? Which are your favs? There are a ton of other accessories that aren’t listed. Explore some more here. Aloha!

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Hawai‘i Hikes: Kuliou‘ou Ridge Trail

Kuliouou Ridge Trail

We checked another Hawaii hike off our list last weekend and I have got to say it might be one of my favs. Safe enough to take the kids but challenging enough (at points) to break a sweat and absolutely ah-mazing payoff views at the top. Kuliou‘ou Ridge Trail really has got it all.

Let’s start with location. The trail starts off in a residential neighborhood located in Hawaii Kai. Just type “Kalaau Place” into Google Maps and you’ll see the trailhead is located at the end of the street. The streets are residential and pretty crowded so take your time finding a spot. We had to park a few blocks from the trailhead, just think of the additional steps as a bonus warm up 😉

Once you get to the trailhead you’ll start off on a pavement. You’ll soon approach a split in the path, take the right path to hit the ridge trail, otherwise you’ll head down the valley side. We haven’t done that trail as of yet.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail Start

You’ll trek along some pretty easy terrain for a good while. Lots of shade and many switchbacks as you make your way up the mountain. Really gorgeous scenery with some areas even reminding me a bit of New England landscape. It doesn’t take long to reach a peek-a-boo view of the valley below.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail View

The hike continues much the same way until you start to reach a bit of an incline. There are roots and rocks to help guide you but be sure to take a break if needed, there is plenty of space to do so.

Up next is the most aggressive part of the trial that includes quite a few steps. My advice here is to just take your time. It’s really to your advantage to do so. Check out these amazing views.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail View

Kuliouou Ridge Trail Stairs

And finally, after a lot of sweat and maybe a few tears, you reach the top.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail Summit

Kuliouou Ridge Trail Summit Helicopter

Pretty amazing right? We even got a little flyby from a Fire & Rescue helicopter. There is area up at the summit to chill a bit. We had some snacks and took a break. With the exception of my toes slamming against my sneakers, the hike down was pretty relaxed. Just go back the way you came and be sure to snap a ton of photos.

Until the next hike. Aloha!

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