Inspiration: Honeycomb

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While on my way into town this weekend, I came to a stop in front of the 1960’s IBM building. I’ve always loved the architecture of this building. It’s so different from anything around it and I was so happy when they decided not to tear it down in favor of the development surrounding it.

Built in the 1960s by architect Vladimir Ossipoff, this iconic building has certainly stood the test of time. I am so in love with the elongated honeycomb pattern that encases the structure. I can’t decide if it feels more retro or more modern? What I do know is that it is inspiring.

Architecture, design, art, fashion. It’s all in the same vein I think. What inspires what? Exploration of the world is what leads to inspiration for me. Always be inspired.

What did you say? You want more honeycomb? I thought so. Cheers!

Inspired: Honeycomb

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  1. Amazing post, this is and wonderful creativity. Being a creative person too and a lover of nature, I can most certainly connect with it. Niceone.

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