How to be Your Own Blog Photographer

This post contains affiliate links. This means that Aloha Lovely may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase any of the linked products or services. Please know that we only recommend products and services that we personally use and trust. Mahalo. I believe the best way to capture someone’s attention is through visual means. Sure blogging is about writing content as well, but for me there has to be a complement of great visuals to go along with type. I’m also an Art Director by profession so my bias is undeniable! A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to create a series of blog/brand resource posts. So far I have written a How to Start a Blog post and a Free Fonts post. This post will give an overview of how you can be your own blog photographer. You don’t need a crew of people or a ton of money to create a professional presence. Read on to see how I make it work, using me, myself and I. Equipment So having a fancy, new DSLR camera is great. But, do you need it to take great photos? Not necessarily. Especially when just starting out you don’t need any extra expenses. You can actually take some … Continue reading How to be Your Own Blog Photographer