Hawai‘i Hikes: Kuliou‘ou Ridge Trail

We checked another Hawaii hike off our list last weekend and I have got to say it might be one of my favs. Safe enough to take the kids but challenging enough (at points) to break a sweat and absolutely ah-mazing payoff views at the top. Kuliou‘ou Ridge Trail really has got it all. Let’s start with location. The trail starts off in a residential neighborhood located in Hawaii Kai. Just type “Kalaau Place” into Google Maps and you’ll see the trailhead is located at the end of the street. The streets are residential and pretty crowded so take your time finding a spot. We had to park a few blocks from the trailhead, just think of the additional steps as a bonus warm up 😉 Once you get to the trailhead you’ll start off on a pavement. You’ll soon approach a split in the path, take the right path to hit the ridge trail, otherwise you’ll head down the valley side. We haven’t done that trail as of yet. You’ll trek along some pretty easy terrain for a good while. Lots of shade and many switchbacks as you make your way up the mountain. Really gorgeous scenery with some areas even reminding me a bit … Continue reading Hawai‘i Hikes: Kuliou‘ou Ridge Trail