Sorry Mommy had a Meltdown

Sorry Mommy had a Meltdown

It was late afternoon on a Sunday, the last day of the girl’s fall break when it happened. The day had gone as it usually does, run some errands in the AM and head to swim lessons at the YMCA at noon. After lessons were done and a few more errands completed, we headed home to relax for the rest of the day.

In causal conversation, I asked my 8 year old if she had completed her homework packet that was given to her before the week off. She had been diligently working on it during the beginning of the week and when I last checked, she was almost done. Well, I guess I didn’t check close enough, because in addition to needing to complete like 8 worksheet pages, she had a shit-ton of online lessons she needed to do. She hadn’t even started! At this point we were less than 4 hours to bedtime and still needed to fit in dinner and a shower. At this realization, I literally felt my blood boil. I couldn’t help it, my frustration exploded.

I started ranting.

“How could you wait until the last minute on so much work? Why didn’t you tell me you had online lessons? How old are you? What were you thinking?”

I was filled with such frustration that I had to do something to regain some control over my emotions. I certainly wasn’t helping the situation. So, I walked away. I needed a timeout. I was yelling at my kid and achieving nothing. I was venting I suppose, but she wasn’t the only one I was frustrated with. In all actuality I was more frustrated with myself. Why didn’t I pay more attention to the checklist on the packet? Deep breath. How can we fix this.

Mommy drinks book

After a few minutes, the dust settled and logic began to take over, I came back into the kitchen, we sat down and got to work. We finished up the worksheets and over the next 3 hours completed as many online lessons as we could, literally until my daughter was falling asleep at the table. The next morning we woke up extra early to try and finish up. And we nearly did.

It’s not too often that I lose my shit with my kids. And when I do I instantly feel guilty about it. Sure, I raise my voice at times but what parent doesn’t. I find that the only way for me to settle down in a meltdown situation is to remove myself.

So what do you do? Are there ways you can prevent yourself from reaching that point in the first place? Breathe into a bag? Drink heavily? (I kid.) What?

I think that the key to avoiding a meltdown situation is not allowing things to build up to that point. Whether its work stress, lack of sleep, or missing a few days at the gym, maybe its more about preventive action on our end. Sure kids are going to screw up and push the limits but I had been stressed at work, hadn’t gone running in a few days and this scenario was just the tipping point. Mamas and papas need their own de-stressing time. Its so important to our well-being as well as our kids!

So I’m making a note to force that early evening run, pause in the moment and not turn into a total psycho. On a lighter note, check out this Amazing World of Gumball clip. Silly but relatable. Had me rolling.

Gumball Clip


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Home Chic Home: Living Room Style

Home Chic Home: Living Room Style

Today I am sharing a few living room pieces that I currently lust after. If I had to define my home aesthetic, I would say its a mix of beach cottage chic and post modern style. I purchased a sofa very similar to the one featured when we first moved into our home. I love the sleek structured lines, the vibrant turquoise and smooth linen texture.

I also have two art prints by Everything is Jake designer Nick Kuchar, framed and hanging on my living room wall. His style has a retro, pop sort of flair that adds a bit of flavor to any space. The graphic pillow adds the perfect sarcastic tone to the mix. I love a little bit of sass, it keeps things real as well as on the light side. As far as the hanging chair, well, although I don’t possess one yet, I just had to include it. I mean who doesn’t want to swing from the ceiling?

Pod Hanging Chair with Cushion

One Kings Lane Tufted Sofa

Nope Pillow

Everything is Jake Retro Hawaii Print

What do you think? What are some of your living room favs? Check out some more ideas below. (some affiliate links present.)

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Aloha Friday Favs: Tees that Talk

For today’s Aloha Friday Favs I’ve thrown together some fun picks.  Now I have to say, that because it’s on-trend, I’ve been seeing them everywhere but somehow I’m not sick of these “statement” tees. It must be the designer in me. The typography, the (sometimes) witty banter, there’s something appealing about type on a shirt.

Lazy J Feed Me Tacos

Lazy J Feed Me Tacos Sweatshirt

Here are some other favs below. What do you think? (may contain affiliate links)

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